About Us

INKAS® Group of Companies provides integrated financial and security solutions which strengthen our customers’  overall profitability by drastically increased revenues, reduced costs, mitigation of risks and security of their valuables. Thousands of financial institutions, retailers, government agencies, armored transport and ATM companies around the globe trust the INKAS® brand for its unsurpassed provided safety.


INKAS® delivers a range of products and service solutions which exceed industry standards through its network of Companies:


  • INKAS Payments Corp. in providing POS, Merchant services, Gift and Loyalty Programs  in various geographical markets
  • INKAS® Security Services Ltd. in providing Armed Courier Services, Security Guard Services, Vault Storage and more
  • INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing in producing a variety of luxury, cash-in-transit (CIT) and special purpose armored vehicles
  • INKAS® Safe Manufacturing in specializing in custom-made and industry standard safes, vaults and depository boxes
  • AppGear Ltd. in designing software solutions for financial services industry


INKAS® began its Canadian operations in October of 1993. To date, INKAS® has grown to employ over 150 highly skilled and specialized team members who produce the highest value products and services in our industry. INKAS® facilities include:


  • Head Office and Manufacturing Plant in Toronto, Ontario
  • Armed courier, safes and vehicle sales office and maintenance facility in Lagos, Nigeria (Inkastrans Ltd.).
  • POS sales operation office in Montreal, Quebec (INKAS® Payments Corp.)
  • Satellite operations office of INKAS Payments Corp. in Shenzhen, China.


INKAS® Payments Corp. designs and delivers the absolute best POS as well as Gift & Loyalty solutions for the Retail and Financial Services industry. Our focal services include supply, sale and placement of POS equipment, transaction processing services, monitoring, reporting, plus custom small-to-medium size business loyalty and customer retention solutions, as well as 24/7 equipment service and client support. INKAS® Payments Corp. has become a major POS provider, by leveraging its knowledge and industry expertise.  Our current customer base of installed POS devices across Canada is tipping 5000.


INKAS Payments Corp. is a subsidiary of INKAS®  with its Head Offices located in Montreal, Quebec. INKAS Payments mainly focuses on outbound sales of POS products and services to the merchants in Canada. INKAS Payments Corp. effectively syndicates the wealth of its industry sales experience.  It is exceptionally successful in leveraging its international relationships to maximize sales output, while keeping operations well optimized.


APPGEAR Ltd. is a technology company specializing in IT and software solutions. We are a B2B company offering consulting, management and development services with focus on internet based technologies and security. Our flagship products are, ISO-Office, a software and business management solution for the financial sector, developed to help Banks and ISOs manage their POS and ATM products and iLobby a product that replaces the traditional paper based visitor registration book. We use a tablet (iPad or Android) to capture the visitors details and picture, then send instant notifications to the host via any combination of email, SMS or voice, all data securely stored in the cloud. APPGEAR’s mission is to become a leader in this space by enhancing its offering through development of new products and services


INKAS® Security Services Ltd. (ISSL) provides top-line armed courier service and equipment to our customers. ISSL is known for offering timely, accurate, professional and premium security services, which is delivered consistently and professionally by ISSLs highly-trained armed guards.  This division offers a multitude of services including ATM cash loading, vault cash forecasting and management, armed courier deposit pick-up, and consolidation services for our Cash-In-Transit (CIT) customers.


As of September of 2009, INKAS® Security Services Ltd. is offering Security Guard Services, Armed Security Guards, “plain clothes” Security and Security Consulting. In the nearest future INKAS® Security Services Ltd. will launch a training Division, offering various training programs and courses to the Security Industry and the General Public.


INKAS® Safe Manufacturing Ltd. produces an assortment of safes, offers premium and customized safety solutions to retailers, government agencies, financial institutions, jewelry stores, and pharmaceutical chains.  INKAS® safes are highly reputable and serviced by a network of 2000 Locksmiths located across North America.   Currently there are 8 different safe models available in 37 sizes.  The product line includes high security burglary safes, cash depository safes, as well as luxury safes all customized and manufactured to customer specifications.


2000007 Ontario Inc., a.k.a. INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing saves people’s lives around the world by assembling and delivering the highest quality and security standard armored trucks, vans, SUV’s and limousines from its 60,000 sq. ft. industrial facility in Toronto, Ontario. The Company utilizes a combination of advanced defense technologies and modern composite and transparent ballistic materials to create a superb security vehicle experience for our clients.